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While many shops like to offer a wide range of decoration processes and promotional items, we feel like it is important to specialize in screen printing. Within screen printing, there are a variety of services that we offer which are outlined below.

Choose Your Ink

Choosing either plastisol or water-based inks is a very important part of the creative process. Each type of ink offers its own pros and cons. Plastisol printing is basic, gets the job done, and provides excellent vibrant colors. Water-based inks are super soft, leaves no feel on the shirt, and are great for vintage designs.

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Plastisol Print Example

Plastisol Ink

Bold, bright and vibrant. Using this ink ensures that designs will last wash after wash. Plastisol ink printing retains the most color of any ink we carry.

Water Based Ink T Shirt Design

Water based Ink

Super soft feel. This ink blends right into the fabric of the t shirt for the softest and most comfortable print. Ask us how to make water based inks a part of your next order.

discharge ink print example

Discharge Ink

The main difference between discharge inks and regular inks are that these inks remove the dye from the fabric and replaces it with ink. These inks are also super soft and leave "no hand" on the garments.

Want Something DIfferent?

The Specialty


Puff ink is a screen printing ink additive that once heat is applied to the ink, it slightly raises from the t-shirt like a freshly baked loaf of bread.


Foil printing instantly adds boldness and bling to your design. The shine is attention grabbing and can really make a statement when used correctly.

Shimmer and glitter inks are commonly used in cheer, and bachelor or bachelorette parties anytime an extra bit of bling in needed.

Finishing touches




Say goodbye to generic manufacturer tags and and go tag less for maximum comfort.

Folding and bagging is a very easy task but save the tedious job for us so you don't have to.

One of the best finishing touches on t-shirts is hang tags. Hang tags provide much-added value at very little cost.

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