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The Skinny

One of the best finishing touches on t shirts are hang tags. If you already have custom tags we can apply them for you after production to save you time. Hang tags provide much added value at very little cost. Not only are they great for branding, they also create added real estate for more product and brand  information that is directly attached to each t shirt.

Like folding and bagging, applying hang tags is not difficult work. but it is tedious work.  So every moment you can spend designing or selling, instead of applying hang tags, is a huge win for you.

The Deets

Minimum: 72 pieces

Hang Tags: Hang tags are not supplied. Please check our preferred vendors section to view recommended places to get tags.

Tag Location: Tags are usually placed in the inner seam of the sleeve. This allows for quick visibility while not affecting the t shirt at all during the tag removal.

Tag Application: We attach tags using a plastic tagger. Hang tags should already be holed (not bigger than 1/4 inch diameter). Please contact us if you would like to use a different material to attach to the shirt.

t shirt hang tag example
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