Screen Printed Labels

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The Skinny

Using custom screen printed labels is a perfect way to instantly legitimize your t shirt. They are a great alternative to custom woven labels. We relabel the tags by removing told old tags and replacing them with a screen print. Say goodbye to generic manufacturer tags and put a stamp on your shirts and your brand. Screen printed tags also provide extra comfort by eliminating annoyances and the itchiness of traditional tags.

The Deets

Minimum: 72 pieces

Ink Recommendations: Light gray plastisol and/or water based inks are recommend in order to leave the smallest amount of trace on the outer side.

Allowances: There is a 10% allowance to center for placement on the inside neck. There is also a 10% allowance for ink showing through on the opposing side of the fabric. This is not recommended on very light or sheer garments.

Font size: 4 point font size or larger (depending on font). Anything smaller may not print legibly.

Ink Change: Ink changes are not allowed on tag runs.

Tag Removal: Tags will be removed as close to the seam as possible. Tear-away tags remove better than woven in tags. Because woven tags are sewn into the seam it is impossible to remove the entire tag without tearing the seams.

Tag Information: It is recommended to include your brand name, the t shirt size, the fabric composition, washing instructions, safety warning, and where the item is made on your tags.

example of a screen printed tag label
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