Our Team

Meet the team

Justin Rodriguez

Co Founder & Owner

Justin is one half of the original founders. He has continued to run the company since it's birth and has kept the dream alive. He is looking forward to many more years of growing the company and serving his community.

IIn his spare time he enjoys playing and watching sports, backpacking in the wilderness, photography, and spending quality time with his son, Bellamy, and his wife, Kathy. 

Martin Arredondo

Co Founder

Martin was one half of the original founders. Though he is no longer with the company since choosing to switch careers in the medical field, he will always have a place with the company. We'll keep his seat warm for him if he ever decides to return.

Benjamin Ortiz

Lead Press Operator

Just about every shirt that leaves the shop was printed at the hands of Benjamin. His 20+ years of experience in screen printing ensures that each shirt is printed with care, skill, and expertise. 

Salvador Ortiz

Screen Technician

Salvador is a jack of all trades. Throughout a day you can find him in the dark room working on screens, catching, printing, sorting, and just about anything else on the press shop floor. 

Landon Garrucho

Account Executive & Graphic Designer

Landon deals directly with all of our customers, making sure they are getting the service they need. He is also creating separations, quotes, mock ups, and all the graphics needed to get your orders into production.

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