Our Story

The Beginning

Tee Rabbit, formerly known as Apparel Canvas, was co-founded in 2008 by Justin Rodriguez and Martin Arredondo, two best friends since their early childhood. They both began searching for something professionally and personally rewarding.

After ordering shirts for his local softball team, Justin brought up the idea of creating custom printed T-shirts. Both already discussed the possibility of entering the clothing industry so the idea fit - like a favorite shirt. =)

Working five days a week as a bartender and server in Palo Alto, CA, Martin was able to financially support the business during its creation and early operation. Justin, a recent graduate from SFSU with a degree in business marketing, started many of the business logistics and website creation for their new venture. With college and professional backgrounds in business, marketing, retail sales, and customer service, combined with their drive for success, Apparel Canvas was founded.

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